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Questionnaire – EU Elections 2024

For candidates in the European elections of June 2024 : promotes the revival of night trains in Europe as an environmentally-friendly alternative to aviation. 100 million passengers a year could be carried on 350 night train lines from 2035.

We are sending you this questionnaire to find out your position / that of your list on certain points.
We will let you know about any responses received.

    For France, please use this form.

    1) Will you support the development of night trains in Europe?

    2) Actions to improve the economic model for night trains:

    (multiple answers possible)

    3) Ticketing and passenger rights:

    Booking an international train ticket is often complicated, especially if it includes a connection between two trains from different operators.

    What actions will you promote for European rail passenger rights (multiple answers possible)?

    4) Modal shift to night trains

    Which major benefits do you think switching to night trains will bring (multiple answers possible)?

    5) Balancing competition with air travel

    Night trains virtually disappeared in the 2010s, partly because of competition from low-cost aviation. For the moment, within the EU, the "polluter pays" principle does not apply to passenger transport. Kerosene tax and VAT on international air tickets are at 0%.

    Will you act to balance out the competition, so that night trains can survive in the face of the tax breaks offered by air travel (multiple answers possible)?

    6) Improving infrastructure

    What infrastructure funding priorities will you promote at European level (multiple answers possible)?

    7) Liberalising or reunifying the railways:

    The EU has liberalised the rail industry in order to introduce competition between operators. Some players criticise the fragmentation of activities, which makes it more complex to buy international train tickets, for example, and complicates the synergy between activities within the rail ecosystem. Other observers claim that competition allows prices to be lowered and service to be improved.

    (multiple choices possible)

    8) Will you be using night trains when travelling in Europe?

    9) Comments and explanations:

    * = required data