Become a member

Back-on-Track consist from October 2018 of members.

Members express their opinions by meetings on electronic medias or physical. Meetings are announced on the members mailing list. If you would like to be a member, join the memberlist of Back on Track, simply go to the webpage on google groups. Members can use the members mail list to discuss items, and present their views.

Telephone meetings takes place once a month among those members, who

  • are willing and capable to do voluntary work
  • are ready to come to our yearly meetings

This is the entry page to ask for admission to our members google group

By doing so, you enter only this group out of two possible groups. Make sure you are also in the large google group.

Only members of the list can send e-mails to the other members, can watch who else are members and look at all contributions.

>> See our very simple organisatoral guiding rules