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DB using our slogan BACK ON TRACK – have they got the message?

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The European network „Back on Track“ which since 2014 has been promoting night train and other cross-border trains in Europe, welcomes Deutsche Bahn choosing „Back on Track“ as slogan for their support for the Greentech festival 2020.

We have several proposals and demands which should be put „back on track“:

  • return of the night train between Berlin, Brussels and Paris, best by mid-year 2020
  • return of the night trains between Germany and neighbor countries, especially Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Poland
  • expanding the cooperation with ÖBB on night trains to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine.
  • improve booking and reservation options for night trains to establish an easy-to-use, one-shop ticketing system for European travels with night and day trains …

Back on Track will have talks in Brussels on 28 of January with members of the European Parliament and representatives of the European Commission.

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