Political appeal together with handing over 40.000 signatures

At 21.11. approx. 40.000 signatures will be handed over in Copenhagen to the Parliament’s Traffic Committee. Al these signatures are collected primarily in Denmark and Sweden over the summer of 2018. Se here.

Together with the signatures we will add some requests, which are not too demanding, but can pave the way for upcoming night train services to/from Denmark, and further to Sweden.

This post will be updated after the 22.11.

>> See the full text here (translated to English)

2 thoughts on “Political appeal together with handing over 40.000 signatures”

    1. And you are most welcome to join us. We have a list of members. And next to that a big mailing list. And remember the event / party in Berlin 9.-10. of December celebrating a new night train i Europe.

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