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German Group supports Deutsche Bahn’s participation in Nightjet

Back-on-Track Germany also supports the demand addressed to DB Netz AG for a reduction of track access charges for night trains. Back-on-Track refers to a study published in March by Mofair e.V., according to which Germany and France in particular charge three to four times the rail tolls that are otherwise customary in Europe. “This has so far effectively prevented the development of an attractive European night train service, even for longer distances,” Cornelius said.


The Back-on-Track night train initiative supports the demand of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) for Deutsche Bahn to participate in its night train business. Just as Switzerland’s participation in SBB’s night train business enables ÖBB to set up a night train network for Switzerland, DB should also become involved as a partner and enable ÖBB to soon provide German rail customers with a genuine international night train network again. “This would be a sensible further step towards a European night train company. An Austrian state-owned company cannot bear the sole responsibility for the development of a night train network for the whole of Europe, that would not be politically acceptable in the long run,” says Back-on-Track Chairman Peter Cornelius.

Back-on-Track Germany e.V. is the German branch of, the European network supporting cross-border night trains.


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