Scandinavia is suffering from no alternatives to air travel

If travelers from Scandinavia should have an environmental positive alternative to air travel to Europe it will have to include a night train – at least from Copenhagen further southward.

This is the conclusion from an appeal from a large number of Scandinavian ngo’s, which has just been published.

Also difficult to find good rail connections between the capitals

The appeal highlights the poor rail connections between the capitals of Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Some trains do run directly, but they are slow and may even be reduced. There are no direct night trains between any of the capitals.

Good connections further south are wanted

On the short run it must be ensured, that there are unbroken links from Oslo/Stockholm via Copenhagen to the night trains in Hamburg – all year round. This is not the case today. On the longer run a direct night train from Copenhagen will improve this situation.

Only political authorities can push for climate friendly alternatives

Train operators seem not too keen to take these initiatives alone. National political levels have to encounter this environmental challenge and pave the way for better solutions.

The appeal is meant as an instrument of pushing local authorities wherever the opportunities will arise.

> Read the appeal here (English)

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