Belgium ready to subsidize night trains to and from Brussels

We are pleased to notice that the Belgium Minister of Transport, Mr Gilkinet, has listened to Back-on-Track, Belgium laments and is taking the problem of subsidies to night trains seriously, after 20 years of phasing out international rail traffic.

We are aware that the announced budget is limited, only two million euros a year, that is less than €5,500 a day, seems very little to us. But is a point of departure.

We are looking forward to direct outcomes of this positive political statement that is very relevant, in spite of the failure to establish a night train from Malmö (Sweden) via Denmark to Cologne and Brussels.

According to the political comments to the failure the non-existing room for a Belgium PSO was a part of the problem.

>> Further reading (Back-on-Track, Flemish language)

>> Press reading (German language)

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