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Action week for night trains in France

– from June 29th to July 8th. Assistance outside France is needed, see later. – June 29th in Toulouse : a demonstration for public rail service (not only night trains) – likely June 30th in Paris : demonstration for the (maybe) last departure of the

Bikes with the long distance trains

The last days has brought a demonstration in Paris to promote space for bikes in the Thalys HST. And then a demonstration in Zürich to promote more space for bikes in the ÖBB NightJet trains. On June 7th, an action with bikes took place in front

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German ruling parties turns around – better late than never!

There is a little revolution happening in Germany: the “big coalition” of christ democrats and social democrats in Germany is now lobbying for the night trains. They wrote a movement for “cooperation models” which you find attached (unfortunately in German only), and they want better

THE END OF THE LINE – we don’t think so!

Proposals in relation to the TRAN report “Passengers night trains in Europe-the end of the line?” TIME TO STUDY A CLIMATE FRIENDLY ALL EUROPEAN NIGHT TRAIN NETWORK   and HALT NATIONALISM AND AIR SUBSIDIES – CREATE A EUROPEAN NIGHT TRAIN NETWORK A group of consultants

List of European Night Trains

The list is not complete, contributions and corrections are received with thank! >> Take also a look at Per Eric Rosén’s fine map of night trains. We are looking for the chances to keep a one-to-one relation between Per’s map and the information brought here

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EU Commissioner Bulc not very well informed about night trains

Inspired from a question and answer last year German MEP Fabio de Masi have asked the commisioner this (26.1. 2017): In which EU Member States do national or regional governments support (international) night train connections through various types of subsidies, and is it possible to find

Bike carriage on long-distance trains

The European Cyclist’ Federation has made a collection of good practice examples from across Europe that give cyclists a smile: BIKE AND TRAIN: GETTING MORE PEOPLE ON THE RIGHT TRACK WITH 7 SIMPLE STEPS It is possible to get more people to use long-distance and international rail services

From the hearing at German Bundestag 15.2. 2017

The word which could be heard most was »co-operation«. DB wants to cooperate with ÖBB, ÖBB wants to cooperate with DB, and everybody emphasized that night trains only work when various train companies cooperate. ÖBB is very happy with their new night trains and say

EU Commission stand on the issue of night trains

Based upon a question from a number of Danish NGO’s last summer the EU Commission has provided an answer, which rather clear shows political ways to promote night trains in EU. Now the answer from October 2016 is translated to English and German. Here are the

DB sleeper trains performed better than expected prior to withdrawal

WHILE German Rail (DB) ceased operation of all classic overnight trains with sleeper and couchette coaches on December 11, internal DB documents retrieved by the German newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung show that the services recorded increased profitability in the last few months prior to their withdrawal. The