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EU-project: Revitalisation of cross-border night trains

The European Commission has launched a tender “Pilot Project on the revitalisation of cross-border night trains”. The indicative starting date of the study is 1 September 2020. The period of the execution of the contract is 9 months. What is remarkable is the concise focus

B-o-T reaction to Swedish report on night trains

Back-on-Track, Denmarks say: Now Danish authorities has to enter the machine room – and begin with a look into our recommendations! Monday 27.4. the long awaited Swedish report on the re-introduction of Scandinavian night trains to the continent was published with three annexes. >> Find

European trains can lift the climate challenge of the future

New Danish report from Back-on-Track, Denmark European railways need to get out of their sleep and will, by 2030, be able lift much more of passenger transport at distances up to 1,200 km. The railway companies cannot do this alone. They must be helped by

European Passengers Federation positive position on Night Trains

EPF is an association of passenger organisations and organisations promoting sustainable mobility committed to improving standards on public transport and long distance international rail services in Europe. After preparations involving the many members was a ‘position paper’ released 14.4. 2020. During the last decade, European

Don’t bail out aviation without conditions

Air industry is these days begging governments for unconditional financial support to get through the Covid19 crisis. Since WW2 the industry has made fortunes without paying fuel taxes and VAT. And they have not accepted international guidelines to reduce their dramatic climate impact. Now it

More emphasis on trains in Europe to replace flights

The Green Deal for Europe should, among other elements, reduce aviation (which is harmful to the climate) and promote alternatives. The activist network Back-on-Track has pointed out five areas of priority, where improvements are needed to get cross-border long-distance trains in shape to provide alternatives

DB using our slogan BACK ON TRACK – have they got the message?

The European network „Back on Track“ which since 2014 has been promoting night train and other cross-border trains in Europe, welcomes Deutsche Bahn choosing „Back on Track“ as slogan for their support for the Greentech festival 2020. We have several proposals and demands which should

Parliamentary hearing about night trains in Belgium

In Belgium, the political world seems to have sized the stakes of recreating an international rail transport from Belgium, with the reintegration of night train services. 6 members of the Belgian House of Representatives have submitted a proposal for a resolution going in that direction.