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Party in Sweden: PSO to buy night train services to abroad

Swedish train operators report 4.6.: Intensive week with international touch Much can be done to make it easier for more to take the train from Sweden to Europe. The issue was renewed in conjunction with the Environmental Party Congress in Västerås, and in conjunction with

Climate fight against air traffic and for night trains

While we have mobilized on climate friendly night trains in the Back-on-Track network during a couple of years; another movement is right now under establishment to fight airport expansions around the World (named “Stay Grounded”). The growing air traffic is a big issue in the

Bulc announces fair taxes by the end of this year

The European Commission advocates more of these rail connections, such as between Amsterdam and Berlin, to relieve air and road transport and to reduce pollution drastically. That is what Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc said to De Telegraaf. She also wants to level the competition between

Night trains discussed with DGMOVE 

>> A full minute is available in our mail group – look for a letter distributed 5.6. 2018 Representatives of Back-on-Track and the European Parliament had a very informative 2-hour discussion on night trains  with officials of DG-MOVE (the European Commission’s department for transport) on

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Specific climate protection: promoting train travel instead of air travel!

Press release from UmverkehR, CH, during Week of Action, April, 2018 (translated): The transport organization UmverkehR and the coalition Luftverkehr Umwelt und Gesundheit (KLUG) today handed an open letter to Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard. The letter contains specific demands on climate protection in relation to

Petition for night trains from Scandinavia to Germany and further

As a natural consequence of the raising awareness of the missing railway links from Scandinavia to Germany and other countries in Central Europe, activists from Back-on-Track has launched a petition, which is calling upon politicians in Sweden and Denmark to support establishment of night trains

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Nattog til Europa – nye muligheder for bæredygtige rejsende

Indlægget er bragt i dagbladet Information d. 24.3. 2018 Flere og flere mennesker indser, hvor uholdbart det er at flyve, som vi gør i dag. Vi danske og svenske hører til de, der har øget antallet af flyveture mest i Europa – vi flyver nu

Will the French rail network be axed?

A report about French financial railway sustainability from Mr. Jean-Cyril Spinetta landed 15.2. 2018 on the table of the French government. The report carries many interesting observations. The lack of money (automatic state subsidies are gone) is eminent. Like in Japan back in the 1970th.