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DB on wrong course: Danish ngo demand political pressure on German politicians

To the Danish Transport Minister and Committee of Transportation with the Danish parliament

Will the Minister raise a protest against the German Railways announced closures of the last night trains, as Danish travelers use for instance from Hamburg?

From the next timetable change in December 2016 the German Railways (DB) announce a dismantling of all remaining DB / CNL-night trains and Auto trains to and from Germany.

Thus, DB shows clearly that long-distance trains and night trains is a business segment, they do not want to operate. It is not a lack of passengers which causes this action, but a one-sided emphasis on high-speed trains on the main routes in the daytime.

Decommissioning of the night train from Copenhagen last year thus comes in a new and sad perspective. Neither this train was abandoned by passengers.

Danish (and southern Sweden) travellers can then only with a certain element of self-flagellation make longer train journeys to Europe. The whole day will be used and travellers must expect many changes of train along the way. The only realistic alternative is to travel by plane. Air traffic is indirectly subsidized by no taxes and no fuel taxes. But air traffic has an extreme negative impact on the climate.

Will the Minister initiate a protest from the Danish side directed at the Minister’s German counterpart, so that the night trains – to the benefit of the passengers and for the climate – remains part of the European transport system?

Kjeld A. Larsen, Chairman, Council of Sustainable Traffic, Denmark
Poul Kattler, Board member

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