Save the German overnight sleeper and motorail trains!

>> Sign here! We have fixed a date for handing over the petition to the politicians. It will be in Berlin on Tuesday, May 31st, 12:30 hrs at Paul-Löbe-Haus, entrance west (towards Kanzleramt building). This site is five minutes from Berlin Central station. It will take place inside

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Some German majority politicians not happy with DB closures

Mr. Erwin Huber, former president of right-wing CSU (the Bavarian edition of the ruling Christian Democrats) and member of the Bavarian government from 1994 to 2008 has written an official letter to DB. He say among others: »From the perspective of the Free State of Bavaria, the

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Update on the DB cut of night trains from latest Dec. 2016

The DB AG, Deutsche Bahn is about to abolish ALL DB Nighttrains with Couchette and Seeping-Couches (WL) on from Dezember 2016 (or before) and carry on alone with Inter-City-Nighttrains only with Seats or only with Busses! Ironicly DB Manager Pofalla (CDU) told it to Journalists at

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Protest in Berlin, Wednesday 16th.

A protest action against the decision to close down DB/CNL night- and autotrains in/from Germany is taking place when the Supervisory Board is seated to discuss this controversial issue. Venue: Wednesday, 16th. of December 2015 from 10: 00 in front of the DB Tower, Potsdamer Platz. Everyone

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DB will cut it away: Disaster for European Night Trains

DB wants to close all night trains and car transport train from December 2016! This horrifying news was released a bit too early (already d. 4.12. in stead of 14.12.). And now it is clear that there is an overall master plan behind DB’s behavior concerning trains with sleeping

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BACK ON TRACK at COP21 on December 10th

Thursday 10 December 1) Internal Back on Track meeting 15h00-16h30 (with Skype participation) 2) Open meeting 16h30-18H10 3) Noami Klein’s Conference for those who are interested Locations : 1 and 2 will happen at Mundo M, 47 avenue pasteur – 93100 Montreuil 3 happens

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Climate Train action in Berlin

        28.11. 2015. Berlin Hbh, track 8 around 8:45. Back on Track activists was Saturday morning on action in Berlin. The German COP21 delegation went by special train to Paris. We are of course happy message that is sent when politicians need to