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Nightjet 2019 and 2022

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It is very natural to be courious about what ÖBB Nightjet is doing these days, and what is their future plans. Some tables are borrowed from the German Eisenbahn Kurier 2/2019.

Pdf with the ÖBB Nightjet network 2019

Here is the various lines, where Nightjet and partners operates in 2019:

Enlarge the picture

And here is the current rolling stock from Nightjet:

In 2022 ÖBB has ordered 13 new sets of night trains, including seated cars (not shown here) and three variations of cars with proper beds.

The single bed couchette section. Two by two is also working. Separators can make it all closed for night rest. See 3D illustration.
The family compartment – four beds.
See 3D illustration.
The private one- or two bed compartment in the sleeper class
See 3D illustration.

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