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Some German majority politicians not happy with DB closures

Mr. Erwin Huber, former president of right-wing CSU (the Bavarian edition of the ruling Christian Democrats) and member of the Bavarian government from 1994 to 2008 has written an official letter to DB. He say among others:

»From the perspective of the Free State of Bavaria, the reduction resp. closing of the night and motorail train service can not be accepted. The night train service is important both for the business traffic in order to attend early appointments and for the tourism traffic to Bavaria. Furthermore, the conditions for using the environment friendly rail transport on long distances are improved when part of the distance can be covered overnight.«

And further:

»So, State minister Herrmann has contacted then DB board member Ulrich Homburg aiming at continuing the night train services, and he will continue striving for keeping the night train connections.«

Mr. Markus Ferber, MEP from CSU, has a similar approach to tourism travel in his letter to DB managers:

»Without night trains, travellers are forced to spend and additional day and a hotel night. Furthermore, the economic and touristic location of Bavaria could get less attractive.«

Keep in mind that the CSU is the party of Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt.

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