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Night trains came to the EU-parliament in Strasbourg

Three members of the coalition were invited by the GUE/NGL (European United Left / Nordic Green Left) fraction of the European Parliament to give arguments to a discussion with the Commission on the Fourth Railway Package, which was about to start. The Back on Track members

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The future of the night trains? – hearing in Switzerland

This question is at the heart of umverkehR-hearing last night in Bern. For the approximately 60 guests who followed the discussion quickly became clear from the statement of Armin Weber (head of International Passenger SBB division), that the night train are not offered a strategic

11.114 signatures handed over in Switzerland

umverkehR has 30.9. handed over 11’114 signatures from the petition “Save the night train” organised together with other organizations (IGöV, Green Party, Pro Velo, Pro Bahn, Young Green, JUSO, foot traffic Switzerland) to the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) in Bern. With the

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Supporting rail means supporting our economy and citizens

Transport White Paper from CER and EPF concludes: Passenger associations and railways share a common vision: a European rail sector that is the backbone of a seamless, multimodal and accessible transport system, an enabler for the competitiveness, inclusiveness and sustainability of the European economy. Effective

Climate Trains will run to Paris in December

This alliance will support charter trains to the COP21 in Paris. It is our intention to influence the political demands brought to Paris both on the official conference and on the NGO-summit. We need to bring demands about CO2 friendly transportation and railways into the meeting

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Status for cross border passenger traffic efter five years of open market

On 17 June 2015 national rail operators, industry experts, representatives from border regions and members of the European Commission came together to discuss with the RoCK partners “Where do we stand after five years of open-market international rail passenger transport?” The Dutch organizer Gösta Weber

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Action weekend June 2015

No more cuts – develop Europe’s long-distance rail! Weekend of Action took place 19–21 June 2015 The European rail system could be the most connected, convenient, accessible and environment-friendly way of travelling across the continent. But many international rail services have been cut back or

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Weekend of Action to put European rail #backontrack

International press release In response to continued cuts to the cross/border rail services in Europe – including night train routes such as Berlin–Brussels–Paris, Copenhagen – Prague and Barcelona – Milan – continent/wide actions over the weekend aimed to kick/start a turnaround in transport policy. At Berlin’s