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Climate fight against air traffic and for night trains

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While we have mobilized on climate friendly night trains in the Back-on-Track network during a couple of years; another movement is right now under establishment to fight airport expansions around the World (named “Stay Grounded”).

The growing air traffic is a big issue in the climate debate, and since it will make a lot of sense in the debate to present a climate friendly alternative to the growing air traffic, it is natural for activists within the two fields to cooperate.

The cooperation will take the first larger step during the next physical Back-on-Track meeting in Vienna 13.-14. of October. During the same weekend the “Stay Grounded” movement will parallel have their next Worldwide meeting in Vienna.

There will most likely be organized some sessions together, and some excursions and events will be made together.

In the week before it is likely that both the Back-on-Track and Stay Grounded will perform a week of action. Some coordination between the two could also be made.

However it is not the intention to merge the work all together. We have each our special expertise’s, and have different popular basis and different goals. But it makes a lot of sense to coordinate our efforts.

Reserve the weekend Friday evening 12. – Sunday afternoon 14. of October. Take part as much as you can. There are good train connections to Vienna!

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