U-turn with Deutche Bahn?

Deutsche Bahn examines a comeback of night trains BREAKING NEWS: Deutsche Bahn is considering operating night trains again together with ÖBB. The number of passengers has developed positively and there is demand on the market. Read the full article by Christian Schlesiger in WirtschaftsWoche .


The ecological tide favours the revival of the night train in Europe. Condemned to disappear by high speed and ‘low cost’ planes, rail transport at night is once again fashionable in Europe. Its advantage: it pollutes very little. By ENRIC BONET, translated article from Spanish,

65.000 signatures handed over in Stockholm

The Swedish branch of Back on Track has delivered 65 000 names in favour of night trains Stockholm/Oslo- Copenhagen-Hamburg- Paris/Berlin to the Swedish transport minister! The petition has been a success – and the minister Tomas Eneroth also seem to understand the momentum in the

Party when “the newspaper train” departed for Venice

Picture: Either Jonas Lindkvist or Beatrice Lundborg For the first time in decades, a chartered train from Stockholm rolls all the way down to southern Europe. Before departure, the locomotive was renamed “Rudolf Wall” after the newspaper Dagens Nyheter’s (DN) founder; and now 350 passengers

SBB and ÖBB expand cooperation; day and night

Source: SBB / DMM, read the original German articleh SBB and ÖBB will intensify their long-term cooperation in international passenger transport. The two partner railways intend to expand the already existing offer both for daytime and overnight trains. Picture from Zürich 27.7. 2019 – SBB

Launch of the Association OBJECTIF TRAIN DE NUIT

We have recieved this press release: “Together for night trains all over Europe” On June 7, 2019 at the Gare de Lyon in Paris, committed citizens, entrepreneurs and elected officials launched an association to revitalize night trains in Europe. In a context where no one

Ending the tax exemption on aviation fuel in Europe

Climate change, growing air pollution, and yet aviation emissions are increasing dramatically, year after year. This is because plane tickets prices are very appealing due to unjustified tax advantages for the aviation industry, while train tickets remain considerably more expensive. You are not the only

Trains puts French domestic planes out of business

Air France will lay-off 465 domestic ground staff and reduce by 15% its short-haul capacity. The decision comes following the airline’s new goals to cope with the competitive nature of the transport industry in Europe. (…) The airline conceded that two main things were causing

Through Europe by night train

Always a little bit of traveling Saturday, May 18, 2019 – dS Magazine Tekst and photos Teun De Voeght The night trains have been connecting the largest European cities with each other for more than a hundred years, while the passengers quietly doze off without