Trains puts French domestic planes out of business

Air France will lay-off 465 domestic ground staff and reduce by 15% its short-haul capacity. The decision comes following the airline’s new goals to cope with the competitive nature of the transport industry in Europe. (…) The airline conceded that two main things were causing

Through Europe by night train

Always a little bit of traveling Saturday, May 18, 2019 – dS Magazine Tekst and photos Teun De Voeght The night trains have been connecting the largest European cities with each other for more than a hundred years, while the passengers quietly doze off without

6 major left parties in EU-election demands better trains

In a joint editorial from six of the major left-wing parties, including the Danish Enhedslisten, printed in the Danish daily Information d. 24.4. 2019, the parties argue that transport in Europe must be changed. They write: Reducing CO2 emissions within the European transport sector is

Alternatives to airplanes in Europe are trains

To a public meeting 11.4. 2019 Back-on-Track activist Poul Kattler from Denmark presented why night trains in particular is the way to reduce air traffic in Europe. You may get inspired to your presentations from this one. >> Look at it as pdf >> Or

We want a train union to facilitate travel in Europe

By EU Parliament candidates Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP), Jakop Dalunde (MP) and Pär Holmgren (MP): Published in Swedish newspaper DN on 13.4. 2019 The Green Party goes to elections on a historic railway reform: the realization of a European train union. We need to make

A change to get involved and heard

Why should your country and region not hear about the opportunities of climate friendly transport? A positive wave is observed in countries like Switzerland, Holland, Denmark and Sweden, where a trend is on the move against flying and for rail transport and night trains. Maybe

Stay Grounded Conference: Degrowth of Aviation

Our good friends with “Stay Grounded” are organizing a conference in Barcelona, 11.-14. of July. The conference will be flight-free, which is why several sessions will involve online participation for those who live too far away. The conference will mainly be hold in English, with