DANISH LARGEST NEWSPAPER INTRODUCES NEW “TRAVEL WITHOUT WINGS” CONCEPT FOR TRAVEL SECTION Things are really moving forward. It is possible to influence the medias. “Politiken” is in the middle of the party political picture. EDITORIAL in Politiken Travel, Sunday d. 6.1. 2019 by Tina Krongaard,

How low cost flights killed night trains

From the Swiss on-line media Tribune deGèneve we have kindly got this translation (from French) In the 1990s, since Cornavin (main railway station in Geneve), night trains left for Rome and Barcelona every night. To Yugoslavia via Venice in the wake of the Orient Express.

Minister and DSB reactions to 42,000 signatures

As a follow-up on our hand-over of 42,000 signatures the minister for Transport, Ole Birk Olesen, tells us (and with less relevant talk removed): (…) In accordance with (…) minimum requirements, DSB is not obliged to drive a night train to the south from Denmark.

42,000 want the night train back

23.11. 2018: Article from the largest Danish newspaper Politiken by Sune Højrup Bencke (original in Danish, translated by Back-on-Track) 3.12. 2018: Editorial from the same newspaper (lower area of this article) The Back-on-Track organization has today delivered a huge bunch of signatures to the Transport,

EU-Parliament votes for improved passenger rights

Improvements are made from the draft proposal made to the EU-parliament, and now it looks much better. Both better compensations in case of train delays, same help and compensation if there is a travel chain (but more than one ticket), space for bicycles and better options

No travel chain between NightJet and connecting train

I was debated in March and April 2018 what could become the consequence of poor cooperation between train operators, when travellers from June 2018 could not buy one ticket including all the journey, lets say Copenhagen – Zürich via Hamburg,  with the use of NightJet

Renovation of old French couchette fleet

The French transport minister talked about the night trains this week, and announced that she would give 30 million € to revamp the couchette carriages, in order to keep them running after 2020 ! This is a great victory ! Two months ago, we were

New optimism: EN Metropol is back!

The old Metropol train via Dresden and Prague was discontinued, and it looked like the too known degradation of European night train lines. And now it is real, the combination-train north-south in Eastern Europe has returned like the Bird Phoenix. The train will run every day