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Sustainable travel to Kiruna?

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Press release, 2023-01-11

The first major meeting during the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union will take place on 12–13 January. The Commission’s meeting will take place in the northernmost city in Sweden, namely in Kiruna.

The presidency’s announcement for the meeting does not mention how the commissioners get there. The Swedish government provides operating support to run climate-friendly night trains up there every night from Stockholm. The train is comfortable and equipped with a dining car, bathroom facilities etc., so you can start a meeting in the morning at 9.30 fresh and well rested.

Unfortunately, European trains are not currently able to take over flights everywhere. Much stronger action is needed in order to achieve significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. But if nothing else, commissioners can show their support for climate-friendly alternatives to flying by taking the train when available.

To the press: Ask how the commissioners and officials got to Kiruna – and ask what measures are going to be implemented to support night trains in Europe!

Back-on-Track, Europe

Photo: Night train from Stockholm has arrived in Kiruna, and is ready to continue to Narvik (Norway)